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Expert Phone consultations


Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure. 

We do any necessary location checks before the appointment so that there's rarely a need for more than one consultation. 

At the time of booking you will therefore be asked where you are going, what age group and any for specific questions.

A phone consultation service where you can discuss many of the following:


  • Air/sea/land travel with children of all ages inc newborns

  • Jet lag and culture shock in children

  • Destination specific advice by country & season 

  • Which vaccines are really necessary, other forms of protection

  • Advice specific to your child’s condition or illness, which may present difficulties with vaccination or with the travel itself

  • Travelling to altitude and extreme environments with children


How it works:

We provide bespoke pre travel advice for travel to all countries for the following clients and many more:


  • Pregnant women

  • Well babies, infants and children

  • Teenagers who may be travelling alone for the first time

  • Children with severe allergies

  • Children travelling with medical equipment such as oxygen, insulin or colostomies

  • Children who need doctors letters to travel with medication

  • Terminally sick children preparing for the holiday of a lifetime

  • Children with immune-deficiencies and post organ transplant

  • Children with HIV and other infections, that unfortunately have some travel restrictions

  • Children with impaired mobility

  • LGBTQ teen travellers, who unfortunately have some travel restrictions

  • Medical students on elective projects


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