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All about the Childrens Travel Doc

Are you worrying about keeping yourself, your fetus, baby or child safe when Travelling? 

Do they have allergies or medical problems that make travel a nerve-racking experience?

Are you a young person going somewhere dangerous who needs to fully prepare?

Or maybe you're not sure if the place is dangerous?! What can you do if you get lost or bitten?

I'm the only Consultant paediatrician in the UK specially trained in Travel Medicine and

chair of the paediatric board for the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). 

I'm an NHS Paediatric Consultant with a special interest in tropical Infectious Diseases working in a London Hospital- I'm frustrated that I can only see very complex patients in my monthly NHS clinic (as unfortunately the NHS doesn't cover free pre-travel consults for most people) and worry about children only visiting a high-street travel clinic. I have the answers to your questions and I know how hard it is to get them at a travel clinic designed for adults! The Childrenstraveldoc is a plunge into private medicine that it's taken time to convince me to make, but it will have its own charitable arm! 

You can book a consult or sign up for my emails where I impart tips to make travelling with children less stressful and less risky!

Travel is a rewarding experience for children! Don’t let your worries hold them back…

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