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All about the Childrens Travel Doc


Are you worrying about keeping yourself, your pregnancy, child or baby safe when Travelling? Do they have medical problems that make travel a nerve-racking experience? Or is your teen going somewhere exciting and dangerous?

Or maybe you're not sure if the place you want to go as a family is dangerous?!

I'm the only Consultant paediatrician in the UK specially trained in Travel Medicine and I currently chair the paediatric board for the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). You can read about my training in the drop down menu if you like!

Essentially - I have the answers to your concerns and I know how hard it is to get them at a normal travel clinic designed for adults! I want to spread them!

You can book a call or sign up for my emails where I impart tips and tricks to make travelling with children less stressful and less risky!



Travel is a rewarding experience for children! Don’t let your worries hold them back…

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